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"Giving Maine Kids A Voice"

Maine Children's Alliance produces numerous reports, issue briefs and other publications throughout the year, all centered on our mission of improving the lives of Maine's children, youth and families.

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Kids Count

  • 2013 Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book  Maine Children's Alliance compiles the most current and reliable data available pertaining to the physical, social, economic and educational well-being of Maine's children, youth and families. Since 1994, we have been publishing this data in the MAINE KIDS COUNT Data Book. This comprehensive resource includes county-by-county breakdowns and other valuable insights into the current status of Maine kids.

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Early Childhood

  • Maine Head Start Report 2013  The data presented here reflect those programs funded by the federal Office of Head Start and are based on the 2011-2012 Program Information Report (PIR), a federally mandated report submitted annually to the Office of Head Start.The program year is September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012. Eleven Head Start grantees in Maine are funded primarily through the federal Office of Head Start. Three additional Head Start programs are funded by the Tribal Office of Head Start and are managed by the Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet tribes within their communities.
  • 2012 Maine Children's Growth Council Report on School Readiness   MCA, in conjunction with the Maine Children's Growth Council has produced this report annually since 2009. This report contains data that is vital for policy makers, researchers, business leaders, community organizations, and the public. The report also contains a series of policy considerations and identifies gaps in data that need to be addressed.

Other Reports

  • Fall 2012 Voter and Candidate Guide  As we approach the season of another statewide and national election, and soon thereafter the opening of a new Maine legislative session, the time is right for us to share with all of you information about our core programs, and the issues that need your support and commitment.There are significant decisions to be made and we want to provide information that will help you see the issues at stake.  In this guide you will find information about our core program areas at the state and federal levels, and information on how Maine children fare relative to other states.
  • 2011 Fostering Connections and Educational Stability  While all children go through transitions that may be challenging, children and youth who have been removed from their homes by the State are more at risk as they face subsequent transitions, such as change in their educational placement. The data and research available through this study and others make the case that Maine policymakers must act to ensure the successful transition of these young people to adulthood and the world of higher education and employment.
  • A Guide to Challenges in Children's Mental Health: The Views of Maine Stakeholders 2011  We offer this guide as a reference to help legislators and other policymakers understand the behavioral health issues facing our children and their families.

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