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Maine Childrens Alliance Maine Childrens Alliance Maine Childrens Alliance Maine Childrens Alliance

A Voice for Maine Kids!

The Maine Children’s Alliance (MCA) is committed to improving the lives of Maine’s children, youth and families.

Since 1994, MCA has provided non-partisan leadership by promoting and advocating for sound public policies that benefit Maine’s children.  A resource for our partners and policy-makers, we provide comprehensive data and information about the status and well-being of Maine’s children.  We contribute to positive change by collaborating with partners at the state, regional and national level. Please join us and support MCA today. Your support will help us continue to improve the lives of Maine children and their families. 

Be a strong voice for all Maine children!

Champions for Children

This year marks the 20th time that MCA has recognized those who do extraordinary work on behalf of children in communities all over Maine. MCA has adopted the giraffe as its symbol for its ongoing efforts to "stick our necks out" to improve the well-being of children, youth and families in Maine. The annual Giraffe Awards program has been successful in calling attention to the achievements of dedicated volunteers, professionals and organizations 

The October 22nd event celebrates the tremendous contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses in Maine that have worked to improve the lives of our children. For more information and a nomination form, click here or email

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